Sunday, March 24, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction: Conquer

This story is linked with Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction where the word of the week is "Conquer".

Operation Dead Drop

After months of careful planning and observation, all men were in position now while Henry watched from afar, the monstrous creatures shuffling around the compound with their grunts and growls as they loaded trucks with steel canisters.

"What's in them?"

Henry looked at his nephew and said, "Brains--and that's one of many compounds where they are harvested."

"How do you know?"

Henry breathed in uneasily and said, "Because that's where I found you when you were a baby--and if we're lucky--that's where we'll find your sister too."

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

VisDare 12: Waiting

I am going to to take a break from Maddy's Mystic World and present you with a new short tale that will be linked with Angela Goff's Visdare #12.

The word of the week is "Wating" along with a photo prompt found HERE.

Enjoy and please leave a comment if you enjoyed the story.

The Price

The wedding was beautiful, but it was outweighed by that creepy gaze of the man that whole day.

At the reception, Chloe asked her husband, "You know that guy?"

"No. Why?" her husband replied.

Zoe smiled nervously. "Nevermind. Not important."

"Is he bothering you?"

Chloe kept her nervous smile. "No, not at all. Just wondering."

"Probably part of the entertainment coming up."

The thought of that day brittled with the sound of approaching footsteps of the man who sent her the letter: Come to the church where you married or your husband will surely DIE!

The mysterious man, wearing full black, sat next to her and said, "Your wish has been granted. Time to pay the price."

Chloe frowned. "What wish?"

The man turned to her, his fierce gaze turning red. "Your thoughts on giving your soul for at least one dance with that man was finally honored."


Friday, March 15, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction: Paradise

I'd like to thank Josie from Two Shoes in Texas  for her words of comfort during my friend's recovery after a motorcycle accident a few days ago, which is why I have been away this past week from taking on any more new challenges. The important thing is that he is alive and well, and will probably have to undergo some extensive therapy as a result of his injuries, but I am confident he will come out again strong as he always has been.

I am linking this snippet of a much larger work of mine with Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction where this week's word is "Paradise".

Santos' Quest is a full-scale novel that I have been working on since I was 24, and has been the most challenging writing project that I have ever had on my plate, mainly because of some of the characters that I still have a hard time letting go, but at the same time, have a need to eliminate.

This following snippet has been modified to fit the five sentence requirement.

Santos Quest: New Year's Day 2280

Kaiden Santos let his gaze fall over the trail of marching troops from his seventh floor balcony, watching as a new way of life was confirmed by the overwhelming cheers, leaving behind a defeated tyrranical rule.

The new leading voice blared everywhere from above, promising a paradise for all universal citizens everywhere, a promise that was comforting to the beaming faces in the streets, but Kaiden's only comfort lied in the touch of her hands that gently laid over him.

"It's finally over," her soft voice caressed over his ear.

Kaiden breathed deep with careful subtlety while the image of Amelia, who had been ripped away from both their lives from a supposed military academy accident, still lingered in his mind, and for the sake of keeping the calm, he said, "I guess it is."

Masses of cheering faces were growing larger in the streets now, their hearts and hopes alive with a new vision as Kaiden glared at the face of the ruling voice, plastered on the hovering craft in the sky, the same man he once looked up to...the same man who had to die along with all his lies.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction: Empty

This story is linked with Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction where the word of the week is "Empty".

In "Quarter Past Twelve", Roy is struggling to get past his writer's block, but will soon find that a lack of ideas is the least of his concerns.

Quarter Past Twelve

The white empty screen had been pestering his conscious for the past couple of days, the cursor appearing to blink at a faster rate as if to mock him for his creative mental block. It was close to midnight when Roy decided to step out for a pack of cigarrettes and relieve some tension, leaving one simple sentence hanging on the screen that read: Once there was a man named...

Later, as he walked back to his apartment, Roy scribbled a few notes on his notepad. An idea was beginning to brew as he began unlocking his door, and as he sat before his computer to begin typing, he was taken aback by the words on the screen that read: Once there was a man named Roy, whose life had been changed in an instant when a visitor came to him during the midnight hour.

Roy looked at his desk clock, finding that it was a quarter past twelve, just when a knock on the door confirmed the visitor's arrival.