Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dead Diner

If you're a writer on Twitter, I highly recommend following Story Bandit  for helpful ideas to get started on a short story or get back on track on a current one. 

This is another story inspired by a #writingdare as shown below.

"After the tornado passed, they were still roaming the clocktower plaza," Elyse said, dusting over an old mint-green radio near a hanging empty order wheel.

Linda's expression furrowed as she leaned over the counter with folded arms. "I doubt they'd ever survive a tornado like that."

"Doubtful--if they weren't already dead."

"Now you're just being silly," Linda straightened and checked the time before saying, "I'm clocking out."

"Fine," Elyse shrugged and watched Linda leaving the diner. She turned a radio knob and sighed. "No one wants to know the truth, Victor."

"Patience, my darling," a voice crackled. "Patience."

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