Friday, December 7, 2012

55 Word Challenge: Deadly Dice Games

Every Wednesday,  at Jezri's Nightmares, The 55 Word Challenge contest is hosted with the winner getting a $5 gift card from Amazon plus a badge to display on your own blog. The contest: Enter a short story with exactly 55 words following one of the picture prompts listed. Think you can pull it off? Check it out!

I missed this week's prompt, and had a good one too, but decided to post it anyway.

This atrocious soul once thought to be heavenly, wisked her away from a night of festivities. She now found herself strapped to a chair, her lips bound by leather and her life hanging by the roll of a die.

She yearned for a miraculous seven, but a roll of six landed on her destiny.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Visual Dare: Disobey

This short fiction flash is linked with Anonymous Legacy's Visual Dare . A picture prompt is added every week along with a word prompt. Todays word: Disobey

Maddy's Mystic World #1
Missing Maddy

"I can't believe it's been a month," Maddy's mother Susan said, sobbing uncontrollably. "She was such a good girl. Who would ever want to harm her?"

"I don't know," Maddy's school teacher, Ms. Benavides replied. "but just try to think positively."

Learning that Benavides' daughter went missing years ago, Susan grew deeply connected to her.

Finding some consolation, Susan left shortly before the bell, leaving Benavides alone in her classroom, one of many snow globes from her collection in hand, watching as tiny fists pommeled frantically from within. "Sick horse, huh? You'll never lie to me again, that's for sure."

100 Words (excluding title and continuation line)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Two Shoes Tuesday: Lights

If you have not checked out Josie's blog challenge at Two Shoes in Texas, and like to keep the creative flow moving like me, then you are missing out on a great opportunity.

Josie gives a word prompt every Tuesday, and from there, it's all up to you what you make of it, and there is no time limit for your entry. This week's word is "Lights".

Coming off from a recent 100 word challenge on my last post, I decided to give this week's prompt a try by limiting myself to one hundred words as well.

Be warned. Most of my stories, like this one, tend to get a little dark,  just so you know. Enjoy. :-)

The Last Dance

Photo Credit: brh_images

The lights danced along the edge of the stage, moving with her rythm.

Malcolm took a sip of his drink and smiled. Her full red lips smiled back. 

He scanned across the patron audience, mostly forty-somethings aiming for a thrill.

He then spotted the signal, a hooded man with shades nodded his confirmation.

Later, as the song came to its end, she came to him.

"May I have this dance?"

"Absolutely," Malcolm replied.

She swayed before him, her touch intoxicating his senses.

Malcolm breathed in, with only one thought still looming over him: shame this will be her very last dance.


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Triple Visual Dare #4: Xavier's Justice

It's that time again for Anonymous Legacy's Triple Visual Dare.

I almost let this one go until an idea hit me as I was slipping into dreamland and then yanked me out of bed. I highlighted the words in italics to indicate relation to the visual prompts.


No one entered these Halls of Purity except for members of The Order.

Standing before one of many live murals, Xavier leaned close, his lips barely touching the canvass and said, "I must confess something."

Waiting for a reply, Xavier heard the cawing of a bird and wondered if it was a protector, knowing that they come in many forms.

"Go on," a soft whisper replied.

"Darkness consumes me."

The birds stormed in to defend but failed. Serpents marked by vengeance seeped out from every other mural of the live temple and cut through every fiber of its existence.