Saturday, December 1, 2012

Triple Visual Dare #4: Xavier's Justice

It's that time again for Anonymous Legacy's Triple Visual Dare.

I almost let this one go until an idea hit me as I was slipping into dreamland and then yanked me out of bed. I highlighted the words in italics to indicate relation to the visual prompts.


No one entered these Halls of Purity except for members of The Order.

Standing before one of many live murals, Xavier leaned close, his lips barely touching the canvass and said, "I must confess something."

Waiting for a reply, Xavier heard the cawing of a bird and wondered if it was a protector, knowing that they come in many forms.

"Go on," a soft whisper replied.

"Darkness consumes me."

The birds stormed in to defend but failed. Serpents marked by vengeance seeped out from every other mural of the live temple and cut through every fiber of its existence.



  1. Curiouser and curiouser....I love the idea of the first photo being a man at his "confessional." That is truly an original spin on that photo I had not seen yet. And the consequences are chilling.

    Great creative use of all three photos. Glad you got out of bed to write this one!!

    1. Thanks, Angela!

      Yeah,there is always a chilling factor in most of my stories for some reason. But hey, it sure beats therapy costs.

      Thanks again for the compliments and for dropping by as well.=-)