Saturday, January 12, 2013

The New Vision - Written for Five Sentence Fiction and Two Shoes Tuesday #20

I am linking up this next story with Lillie Mcferrin's Five Sentence Fiction  featuring this past week's prompt "Inspire" and Josie's Two Shoes Tuesday, which will be ready to link up by Tuesday featuring its new word prompt "Aware".

No photo again, as I am still having a hard time uploading photos with Blogger, but I hope the issue gets resolved soon.

The New Vision

Every Wednesday on his way home from work, as he drove past the sprawling parking lot of the closed supermarket, Henry couldn't help but to wonder what purpose served the group's gathering with its members already seated on chairs arranged in a circle under a tent.

One day during lunchbreak at work, he was taken aback when  his co-worker Mellanie admitted that she had joined the group, telling him that she had never felt more "inspired" by anything in her life, and that the whole experience had empowered her with such an "unbelievable sense of awareness".

Eventually, Mellanie convinced Henry to sit in for a session, and at the end of it all, Henry felt no change whatsoever.

He woke up Thursday morning to his usual routine, and while bustling through the crowding hostile traffic, he was cursed at by an angry driver next to him for cutting him off along the lane.

Henry turned to look at the enraged man, shock bringing a chilling reality over his senses, becoming fully aware that the man and everyone else around him were branded with monstrous red-eyed gnarling faces, and the usual upcoming construction sign ahead that usually read Road Work Ahead now read: Inspire a Change for a New Revolution and Destroy an Enemy!


  1. Erm... reminded me of similar situations on both sides of this pond... Yes! I may happen even here... :)

    1. Oh absolutley! The senseless things certain people do sometimes: mass shootings, bombings, etc. One never knows just how those people view their own world exactly from their very own distorted perspective.

  2. sounds like those angry men need 'a new vision'....anger robs us of happiness....

  3. It is hard to be yourself behind the wheel of a vehicle. Give way and a dozen drivers will pounce because you are weak. Keep your cool and everyone else will hate you! He should have another talk to Malanie he must have missed the point.

  4. Whoa! A nice peaceful little tale takes a sharp left turn toward the terrifying! Great piece of writing, Alex, so much to think about behind those words! I often find myself in group situations wondering "What is really happening here?", This story magnifies the potential for frightening possibilities, I enjoyed it very much! :) Thanks for joining us at Two Shoes Tuesday!