Sunday, January 6, 2013

VisDare #1: Between

Some people say that I'm very much like a caveman in the sense that I am unwilling to buy into all the hype that spits out ads from the latest high-tech gadgets toward almost every direction.

I still prefer paperbacks over e-books, do most of my writing on my typewriter or composition notebook, and draw most of my inspiration listening to classic rock songs on the very same am/fm radio that has been fueling me with so many ideas since the late eighties. There are many convenient reasons on why I should start benefiting from these over-hyped creations of the digital age, but I have yet to be convinced that I cannot live without them. Until then, I will remain loyal to my old-fashioned fossil gems from the 20th century and laugh at the face of contemporary conformity.

Small changes, however, can be very welcoming, much like Anonymous Legacy's  newly revamped  VisDare. The New Year is being rolled out with a boost in the usual word count limit from 100 to 150 words. Also, the Twitter hastag has changed from #VisualDare to #VisDare. Today's prompt is "Between" with the corresponding photo prompt below.

This story is a bit different from my usual stories, but again, small changes aren't all that bad.

And now the story begins....

The Love Charade

Somewhere between bored and weary, Bryan slumped back in his seat, yearning for the movie's long-awaited end. He rolled his eyes when the actor, perched on the ledge, begged for forgiveness from a woman he barely knew, using a line he thought was downright sappy.

His girlfriend, Amanda sighed and said, "Isn't that beautiful?"

"Sure,' Bryan replied. "She must really be something for him to go through all that trouble."

Amanda's face soured. "He's romantic!"

"No, he's a moron."

It was one day after the movie when Bryan found himself sitting on a long concrete strip high above the ground.

Dressed in a similar suit as the actor with the top hat and umbrella, Bryan shouted the same line toward Amanda's window. "Your contempt is like this never-ending rain: cold and relentless! I can barely stand without the warmth of your love! Please forgive me!"


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  1. OK. This one made me laugh aloud. Witty entry, with such a wonderfully snarky "knight in umbrella and top hat armor." I know a few guys who would do this, if their girlfriend made them sit through a pointless sappy "romantic movie." Great entry!