Friday, January 11, 2013

Two Shoes Tuesday #19: Earworm.

This past Tuesday, Josie from Two Shoes Tuesday put up this week's prompt: earworm. 

I suggested the word to Josie on the day Kingdom Come's "Get it On" got stuck in my head all day after hearing it play on a classic rock radio station, only I assumed it was from Led Zeppelin with the vocalist sounding very much like Robert Plant.

Later in the day, somone told me otherwise, and I learned that a band called Kingdom Come actually existed.

Anyway, an idea came to my head about how a somewhat similar situation might play out in another short flash fiction piece I call "Forgotten Fame". 

By the way, I've been having trouble uploading photos. If anyone else is having these issues on Blogger, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Forgotten Fame

"Great song. I heard it on the radio this morning, has been stuck in my head ever since."

"It is a great song," the store owner smiled, holding the record album in his hand and then handed it to Edna. "You can certainly find it here along with other great ones as well."

Edna studied the album and frowned. "Well that's nice but do you have the one with the vultures flying over the red mountains on the front cover?"

"Well this is the only album available ma'am."

"Are you sure?" Edna raised her left brow. "Perhaps you can order it for me. I'll be more than happy to pay extra for it."

"You don't understand, ma'am," the store owner explained. "The Wild Wallaroos only produced one album before they broke up in 1983. This is the only album you'll ever find of the band."

"You must be mistaken," Edna protested. "What about the one with the vultures on it? There's even a picture of the singer with one of the vultures standing on top of his head found on the back of the album. What's his name?" Edna looked up, trying to remember the name but then shook her head. "I'm so bad with names."

"Well I don't know about any vultures, but Leonard Festa was the lead singer of the Wild Wallaroos."

"Leonard Festa," Edna pressed an index on her lips and then shook her head again. "No. Maybe it was the other singer in the band."

"There was no other singer."

"No, but there is," Edna insisted. "There's that one singer  with the deep voice and then there's that one you just mentioned, the one that sounds alot like Billy Squire."

To avoid a tantrum, like the many he struggled to maintain constantly as Leonard Festa with former bandmates, the now simple small store owner breathed in deeply, glaring at Edna as he pointed toward the exit door. "Get...OUT!"


  1. Great story! I am so like this, I know what I have seen and heard but can rarely remember the name of the band, or the song, or the lead singer. I feel as clueless as Edna in your story! Earworm turned out to be a very popular prompt, thank you for the suggestion!

    I have been unable to upload photos from any of my computers to Blogger for days now, I can upload them to Picasa and then get them from there, but that is just one more time-wasting step. No idea what is going on with Blogger.

    1. Glad I could help!

      Thanks for letting me know about the photo upload problem. It's been driving me crazy! I don't use Picasa and not going to bother adding one more password to my memory-scrambled head. lol

      Thanks for dropping by, Josie! Always great to hear from ya! =-)

  2. I did once have a similar thing happen to me about a song that I was confused about were it came from. It can be hard to find a song that is stuck in your head if you can't figure out where it came from. Nice story! : )