Saturday, December 14, 2013

Elijah's Lake

Elijah's Lake
Photo Source: SHA-1

Elijah never had a friend and regarded true friendship as an artform, like so many things people around him took for granted.

His only comfort was the way the sun shined over his scarred face while on a path to a lake and the way its gleam showered over the beautiful trees that flanked the lonely road like a loving mother.

Every moment by the lake felt new and inspiring, blessing him with lucid creativity that helped fill his notebook with characters that spoke to him through nature.

He closed his notebook when light began to wane and started a mile-long walk home.

"I'm proud of you, son," a voice came through a gust of wind before a tear rolled down his face.

This story is linked with Lillie Mcferrin's Five Sentence Fiction 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dance of Doom

Late to the challenge, he weeped,
until offered one more chance to take.

With his sleek hat and steady feet,
he gave his best under the ominous rain.

He fell once, but later found the beat,
oblivious to tides of boiling rage.

A filthy rat licked at his tired soles,
all while he looked around this newfound murky cell.

He found no crowds, no stage, no claims of gold,
only a shockscape made of everlasting hell.

This story is linked with Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Invisible Games

Photo Source

"What are you looking at, honey?"

Molly looked back at her mother, Sylvia. "Nothing."

Sylvia held up a yellow dress on its hanger. "Well don't you want to try on this dress?

Molly wrinkled her nose. "Not really."

Sylvia lowered the dress with her other hand on her hip. "Don't use that tone with me, young lady!"

Molly looked back at the mirror. "Im sorry. Monica says the dress is too bright for me."


"Are you alright, ma'am?" the store lady asked.

"I'm sorry," a man said as he slowly started ushering Sylvia toward the door and added, "She's been through quite a lot these last couple of days."

Molly giggled, still turned toward Monica. "Daddy is being weird again."

Monica shook her head. "Don't you know anything? Daddy can't see us," she said with a hint of resentment. "But at least Mommy can see you."
150 Words
* * *
I am linking this story with Angela Goff's VisDare , a weekly writing challenge of giving your best story in 150 words or less.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Handy Man

The drops in the bucket that was perched under the room's leaky ceiling mingled with a light hue of crimson. Ben had to drain the water each morning for as long as the pommeling rain kept coming and he hoped he would never know the the truth about the water's coloring, even though he had some idea as he now clinged to his bedsheets, struggling to keep the slow-drippings off his mind.

"What's wrong?" his little brother, Pete, asked from the other side of the room.

"Nothing - just go to sleep," Ben told Pete.

"Are you still worried about that thing we saw - that ghost?"

Ben held his gaze over the dripping bucket, recalling the scarred face of the man his grandmother  had hired to "fix "the rooftop, right around the time a salesman went missing and said, "That was no ghost."

This story is linked with Two Shoes in Texas as part of the weekly Six Sentence Stories. Join me!

Monday, October 21, 2013

VisDare: Outnumbered

Woa! Looks like I went overboard with the word count for Angela Goff's VisDare challenge, 450 words overboard to be exact. Luckily, Angela said it was alright for this time around so I am letting it be.

Photo by London Dream

Outnumbered by Sanity

I decided to take my wife Joanna to a book signing of one of her favorite authors after being told countless of times that we didn't spend enough time together. The author stood before the podium and began reading an excerpt from his book, detailing his journey into an African wilderness and how it spoke to him about passion, inspiriration, and...blah, blah, blah.
I was halfway into dosing off when the blonde woman sauntered into the room with a group of black-suited men. They paid no mind to the author's presence and just stood by the glass viewport, looking out over the city.
I felt that I had seen the woman before so I decided to excuse myself and go to the catering table to maybe get a better look. A young redhead woman smiled by the table. "What can I get you, sir?"
"Do you have any beer?" I asked, knowing they didn't serve alcohol, and leered toward the direction of the blonde woman. Still, no recollection.
"I'm sorry, sir, we don't allow alcohol in the building," the caterer said lamentably. "We do have soft drinks."
"A Coke will be fine," I said.
I returned to Joanna's side with my drink. She turned to me with suspicious eyes.
"Did you get a good look?" she asked accusingly.
"You've been oogling that girl for the past ten minutes!"
I shrugged. "Just thought she looked familiar, that's all."
"Like your whore in Vegas?"
"C'mon, don't start with that."
A few months prior to that day, I was at a convention with a few associates of mine when the idea of going to a strip joint started to float around. Despite the fact that I had no interest in going, I was talked into it. Later, someone took a photo of a dancer with her hands over my shoulders as she asked for a table dance. It was later posted on Facebook and all hell broke loose after that. We were at the brink of divorce when I convinced her that it was all just a big misunderstanding.
"Well, don't do me any favors by pretending you want to be here," she said. "Go if you want."
"I want to be here," I said. "I told you that from the beginning."
"Whatever," Joanna muttered and said nothing after that.
Moments later, the Coke had filled me up to where I needed to go to the restroom.
Upon returning, I noticed a frame along the hallway. A security guard was passing by when I gestured to him. "Excuse me, who is that woman?"
"That's Bethany Ballard," the guard replied. "She was the architect behind the design of this building."
"Saw her a little while ago," I commented to the guard. "Got this strange feeling that I've met her before."
The guard frowned. "Well whoever you saw couldn't have been Ms. Ballard. She died thirteen years ago."
I was left feeling even more confused than ever about the woman I had just seen. She could not have been a ghost; Joanna had seen her too.
We were on the interstate, on our way back home, when I told her about the portrait on the wall and what the guard had said.
"You did see the blonde woman right?" I asked her. "The one you pointed out to? I mean I wasn't just imaging things, right?"
"What blonde woman?" Joanna asked annoyed. "I didn't see any blonde woman! I was talking about the redhead at the food table, you idiot!"
Once again, my world was edging toward confusion, outnumbered by sanity.
600 Words

Sunday, October 6, 2013

13 Days of Halloween

Eve Jacob will be hosting a flash fiction writing event at her blog called The 13 Days of Halloween. It's very simple and all you have to do to join in is submit a short fiction story of 1000 words or less with a scary-related topic. It does not even have to take place on or be about Halloween exactly as the rules say on her blog just as long as it has that fear element involved.

The deadline is on October 18 and will begin the day after that, so you have plenty of time from today to get started. Visit the link above to get contact and submission info. You can also follow Eve on Twitter HERE. She is always awesome to chat with and is great with exchanging ideas as well.

Have a great week! =D

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Finding Faith

Hello everyone. Today, Paragraph Planet is featuring my short 75-word flash fiction piece titled "Sandra's Skulls Inc." It will be on until midnight so if you want to check it out, you can click on the link today.

This is another 75-word piece I just submitted to the site.

Finding Faith
"Do you believe in God?"
Faith was looking out the window when her little sister, Chloe, asked the question.
"I'd like to believe," Faith replied, the red and blue lights  now splashing against the glass.
"Do you think they will find us?"
Faith touched the glass with her fingertip and dragged it along the chilled frost, but once again, her print was denied by the stubborn rules of a physical world. "I hope so."

Friday, April 26, 2013

VisDare 17: A Cat's World

Hello Everyone!

Sorry that I have been away for awhile, been busy, but finally back!

Anyway, this short fiction piece is written for Angela Goff's VisDare 17: A Cat's World. Click the link and look at the picture prompt given to get the story.

I hope you enjoy and wish you all a great weekend. =D

PS: Sorry if the fonts are too big. Just copied and pasted this time.

The Feline Factor

“Repent your sins and be saved!”

Johnny was rubbed up against by Chloe‘s heavy black fur as she asked, “Doesn’t he look familiar?”

Johnny rose his gaze and sighed. “Yeah, that’s Tony. Poor guy still thinks he‘ll meet Jesus someday.”

Chloe threw him an annoyed look, her tail erect wagging from the comment. “Well at least he’s trying! All you did in your human form was cheat behind my back!”

Oscar, one of three other felines with them said, “Well he’s definitely trying something new. His bike has no handles!”

Johnny turned to him, “Oscar, go tell him to stop making all that racket!”

“No!” Chloe protested and glared at Johnny. “Go tell him yourself! After all, it’s your fault for spooking him the other day with that stunt you pulled!”

Edgar sighed and started strutting toward Tony. “This afterlife thing is soo not working for me. Hey, Tony!”

150 Words

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction: Conquer

This story is linked with Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction where the word of the week is "Conquer".

Operation Dead Drop

After months of careful planning and observation, all men were in position now while Henry watched from afar, the monstrous creatures shuffling around the compound with their grunts and growls as they loaded trucks with steel canisters.

"What's in them?"

Henry looked at his nephew and said, "Brains--and that's one of many compounds where they are harvested."

"How do you know?"

Henry breathed in uneasily and said, "Because that's where I found you when you were a baby--and if we're lucky--that's where we'll find your sister too."

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

VisDare 12: Waiting

I am going to to take a break from Maddy's Mystic World and present you with a new short tale that will be linked with Angela Goff's Visdare #12.

The word of the week is "Wating" along with a photo prompt found HERE.

Enjoy and please leave a comment if you enjoyed the story.

The Price

The wedding was beautiful, but it was outweighed by that creepy gaze of the man that whole day.

At the reception, Chloe asked her husband, "You know that guy?"

"No. Why?" her husband replied.

Zoe smiled nervously. "Nevermind. Not important."

"Is he bothering you?"

Chloe kept her nervous smile. "No, not at all. Just wondering."

"Probably part of the entertainment coming up."

The thought of that day brittled with the sound of approaching footsteps of the man who sent her the letter: Come to the church where you married or your husband will surely DIE!

The mysterious man, wearing full black, sat next to her and said, "Your wish has been granted. Time to pay the price."

Chloe frowned. "What wish?"

The man turned to her, his fierce gaze turning red. "Your thoughts on giving your soul for at least one dance with that man was finally honored."


Friday, March 15, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction: Paradise

I'd like to thank Josie from Two Shoes in Texas  for her words of comfort during my friend's recovery after a motorcycle accident a few days ago, which is why I have been away this past week from taking on any more new challenges. The important thing is that he is alive and well, and will probably have to undergo some extensive therapy as a result of his injuries, but I am confident he will come out again strong as he always has been.

I am linking this snippet of a much larger work of mine with Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction where this week's word is "Paradise".

Santos' Quest is a full-scale novel that I have been working on since I was 24, and has been the most challenging writing project that I have ever had on my plate, mainly because of some of the characters that I still have a hard time letting go, but at the same time, have a need to eliminate.

This following snippet has been modified to fit the five sentence requirement.

Santos Quest: New Year's Day 2280

Kaiden Santos let his gaze fall over the trail of marching troops from his seventh floor balcony, watching as a new way of life was confirmed by the overwhelming cheers, leaving behind a defeated tyrranical rule.

The new leading voice blared everywhere from above, promising a paradise for all universal citizens everywhere, a promise that was comforting to the beaming faces in the streets, but Kaiden's only comfort lied in the touch of her hands that gently laid over him.

"It's finally over," her soft voice caressed over his ear.

Kaiden breathed deep with careful subtlety while the image of Amelia, who had been ripped away from both their lives from a supposed military academy accident, still lingered in his mind, and for the sake of keeping the calm, he said, "I guess it is."

Masses of cheering faces were growing larger in the streets now, their hearts and hopes alive with a new vision as Kaiden glared at the face of the ruling voice, plastered on the hovering craft in the sky, the same man he once looked up to...the same man who had to die along with all his lies.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction: Empty

This story is linked with Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction where the word of the week is "Empty".

In "Quarter Past Twelve", Roy is struggling to get past his writer's block, but will soon find that a lack of ideas is the least of his concerns.

Quarter Past Twelve

The white empty screen had been pestering his conscious for the past couple of days, the cursor appearing to blink at a faster rate as if to mock him for his creative mental block. It was close to midnight when Roy decided to step out for a pack of cigarrettes and relieve some tension, leaving one simple sentence hanging on the screen that read: Once there was a man named...

Later, as he walked back to his apartment, Roy scribbled a few notes on his notepad. An idea was beginning to brew as he began unlocking his door, and as he sat before his computer to begin typing, he was taken aback by the words on the screen that read: Once there was a man named Roy, whose life had been changed in an instant when a visitor came to him during the midnight hour.

Roy looked at his desk clock, finding that it was a quarter past twelve, just when a knock on the door confirmed the visitor's arrival.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

VisDare 9: Alone?

I was not saitisfied with last week's post for Celesta's Cave, so I ended up scrapping it altogether from the series. I feel much better now that the subway kitty has scurried off (maybe its my cat phobia..who knows?) and replaced by another photo prompt from Angela Goff's Visdare challenge found HERE.

The title of this series has changed from "Little Liar" to Maddy's Mystic World to better suit the events unfolding along the way.

So now, I bring you the newly improved chapter of "Maddy's Mystic World" titled "Celesta's Cave".

Enjoy and have a great day.

Maddy's Mystic World #4:
Celesta's Cave


Maddy began suspecting that she was all alone in the cave until she saw the woman on her laurels, her fingertips rolling gently over the water's surface.

Maddy took a few careful steps forward before Celesta's voice echoed. "What do you want?"

Maddy froze and swallowed a nervous tension in her throat. "I was told you can help me."

"Is that so?" Celesta rose slowly and whirled, her half-scarred face revealed.

Maddy's gaze shifted, catching a glimpse of the conjured image on the water's surface: a young man sat alone reading, oblivious to rising waters.

Celesta caught Maddy's curious eyes. With a sleight of hand, the image vanished. She returned her attention back to Maddy with a measuring look. "You think you're brave enough for the trials?"


"There are many trials," Celesta said sternly, looming over Maddy with hardened eyes. "And no one has ever passed the first!"

150 Words

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction: Abandoned

This story is linked with Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction where the word of the week is "Abandoned".

It is a sidestory to Lost Lilly, a story that will be featured tomorrow in Paragraph Planet . An email I received earlier in the week told me the news so  you can check it out then. You can also find it on on this blog if your curious.

Have a great weekend.

Photo Source: Gabriella Camerotti

Lost Lilly: Catching Souls

Abandoned by the comfort of fairy tales and a loving home, Lilly roamed aimlessly through the city streets with her only possesions: her wagon filled with dolls.

She wore her white church dress when she visited the park, the one her grandmother bought her back when she lived under a strict God-fearing homestead.

Darkness began to loom when Lilly arrived at the park, but darkness never fazed her, for it was where The Reaper dwelled, and she knew he would always protect her from menacing predators.

Now perched on a patch of grass by the swings, Lilly listened for the voice that later came through a chilled breeze, asking in a firm thundering tone, "You have something for me?"

Lilly held one doll up in the air with a wide grin and replied, "I finally have her soul."

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Paragraph Planet: Still Dreaming

This is another 75-word Paragraph Planet entry I just submitted today.

It looks exactly as I sent it, calling for the title in the first sentence in the text box on their site, just so you know. I will never know exactly when or if the stories will be ever published on their site so I thought I'd share them just in case they never see the light of day on their site. enjoy. =D


Still Dreaming. She swayed by the dock with a vivacious smile as the music played. While the night slipped away into a peircing daylight, she would infilitrate his dreams again, much like the bad blood moment that was now in the healing process with the man who asked him, "Sleep well?" The dreamer looked at his brother, his brother's wife still dancing along the dark corner of his mind. "Not really."

Friday, February 15, 2013

My Paragraph Planet Entry: Lost Lilly

I have seen quite a few neat stories coming out of Paragraph Planet and wondered if I could actually pull off writing a 75-word story of my own. It was quite the challenge, and today, I submitted my first entry to the site.  It is a great form of practice for all writers that I highly recommend.

The following is the story I submitted and is exactly in the same manner sent because it called for a full paragraph--no splitting of any kind--so it may appear to look a little weird for some casual readers.


Lost Lilly. She was seen daily pulling a wagon filled with dolls. The kids called her "Lost Lilly" because she always appeared to be lost, wandering aimlessly with no one to claim her. One night, Sue looked out her window. The park was nearly empty when she spotted Lilly arranging her dolls in the wagon. Sue snuck out with nagging curiousity. Next morning, Lilly was seen with thirteen dolls, one more than her previous dozen.

75 Words

Thursday, February 14, 2013

VisDare #7:Secret

This story is written for Angela Goff's VisDare #7 challenge and is the third installment to my Maddy's Mystic World series. This week's prompt is the photo below with the word "Secret".

I hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine's Day so far and wish you and your loved ones my very best.

Maddy's Mystic World #3
Unlocking Dimensions

"There is a key to every dimension of this sphere."

The reality of being trapped in a snow globe took a backseat in Maddy's mind, now watching in awe as a tree spoke.

"Unfortunately," the tree continued. "The key leading to the outside of this sphere is still a mystery."

Maddy's brows perked. "You mean I'm stuck here?"

"There's always a way out of everything. The answer just isn't always clear."

"What should I do?"

"Take the road that leads to the cave. There you will find Celesta, the keeper of the cave. She will teach you how to navigate through dimensions--even teach you how to choose your destination."

Maddy's face brightened. "I can learn to choose dimensions?"

"Yes, but be careful. Celesta gets hot-tempered very easily. One bad look or word can land you deep into trouble."

Maddy's eyes narrowed. "How do you know?"

"I wasn't always a tree."


Friday, February 8, 2013

VisDare #6: Emerging

This is a sequel to Maddy's Mystic World, which was written for Angela Goff's Visual Dare Challenge # 32: Disobey. You can read the first part HERE and follow the "Continue" link below the story to get back to this page.

This week's Visdare word prompt is "Emerging" with the  photo prompt below.

Maddy's Mystic World #2
The Talking Tree

There were occasional twisters that swept through the terrain enclosed by ambient frosted glass. Maddy had already learned that by chasing after them--rather than trying to outrun them--they would take her into another dimension, before time would eventually reel her back to her own prison.

She could be anyone she wanted to be, but choosing the place was still beyond her control. This time, she chose to be her rebellious older sister, Regina.

Stepping off the portal portrait, Maddy saw lush trees ahead that were abundantly filled with berries. She ran eagerly toward one of them and plucked a few to quell her growing hunger.

"Excuse me, but do you see me go around, plucking the hair out of people's heads?"

Maddy shrieked and stumbled back, spotting the face on the bark. "I'm sorry," she said. "I'm just trying to get back home...can you help me?"

150 Words
Continue Reading -->>>  Maddy's Mystic World #3: Unlocking Dimensions

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Visdare #5: Obscure

This story is written for Angela Goff's VisDare#5

I'm letting go of the Charlie and Joe series simply because I did not get much feedback as I've had in other of my stories, and I seem to get better responses when my stories stay in the dark range. If I get a few more comment on that series (all I need is one), I may bring it back--just letting you know. =)

VisDare rules: Follow the photo prompt with the given word and write a story under 150 words.

Kindred Souls

"It's getting worse isn't it?"

Louisa caught the familiar shadow embedded at the corner of the cellar, void of any definite form. "Everything's fine."

"And how long will it be before you face the truth?"

"He still loves me," Louisa said.

"You call that love?"

"I don't need to explain myself to imaginary people." Louisa said defensively.

"I am as real as the bruises on your face," the shadow expanded.

"I don't wanna talk about it anymore!" Louisa snapped. "Besides, it's none of your business!"

"But it is," the shadow contracted then shrunk again.

Louisa gasped as the shadow took gradual form. When the silk-like diaphanous layer that shrouded the ghostly woman faded, a face that was as visible as Louisa's marks was revealed.

"What happens to you," the woman told Louisa, moving her hand away from her cheek, exposing bruises of her own. "Also happens to me."

150 Words

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction: Forgotten

This story is written for Lillie Mcferrin's Five Sentence Fiction.

This week's word prompt: Forgotten

The Silent Room

Forgotten memories sprung to life inside her head, reeling memories of spending many summer nights by her side near the open window, where the mild breeze swirled around them, and secrets bounced back and forth between the two links that were once the best of friends.

Natalee turned to the woman who now had posession of the place and asked, "What happened to this room?"

"I guess the loneliness got the best of her," the lady replied and added, "Sometimes loneliness gets the best of us who know it well eventually - making us do all sorts of crazy things."

"Who are you talking about - you mean Lindsay?"

The lady lifted her gaze toward the ceiling, Natalee following along with her own, later discovering the pulsing surface above where a contorted face pressed against it, struggling hard to pass her screams.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The New Vision - Written for Five Sentence Fiction and Two Shoes Tuesday #20

I am linking up this next story with Lillie Mcferrin's Five Sentence Fiction  featuring this past week's prompt "Inspire" and Josie's Two Shoes Tuesday, which will be ready to link up by Tuesday featuring its new word prompt "Aware".

No photo again, as I am still having a hard time uploading photos with Blogger, but I hope the issue gets resolved soon.

The New Vision

Every Wednesday on his way home from work, as he drove past the sprawling parking lot of the closed supermarket, Henry couldn't help but to wonder what purpose served the group's gathering with its members already seated on chairs arranged in a circle under a tent.

One day during lunchbreak at work, he was taken aback when  his co-worker Mellanie admitted that she had joined the group, telling him that she had never felt more "inspired" by anything in her life, and that the whole experience had empowered her with such an "unbelievable sense of awareness".

Eventually, Mellanie convinced Henry to sit in for a session, and at the end of it all, Henry felt no change whatsoever.

He woke up Thursday morning to his usual routine, and while bustling through the crowding hostile traffic, he was cursed at by an angry driver next to him for cutting him off along the lane.

Henry turned to look at the enraged man, shock bringing a chilling reality over his senses, becoming fully aware that the man and everyone else around him were branded with monstrous red-eyed gnarling faces, and the usual upcoming construction sign ahead that usually read Road Work Ahead now read: Inspire a Change for a New Revolution and Destroy an Enemy!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Two Shoes Tuesday #19: Earworm.

This past Tuesday, Josie from Two Shoes Tuesday put up this week's prompt: earworm. 

I suggested the word to Josie on the day Kingdom Come's "Get it On" got stuck in my head all day after hearing it play on a classic rock radio station, only I assumed it was from Led Zeppelin with the vocalist sounding very much like Robert Plant.

Later in the day, somone told me otherwise, and I learned that a band called Kingdom Come actually existed.

Anyway, an idea came to my head about how a somewhat similar situation might play out in another short flash fiction piece I call "Forgotten Fame". 

By the way, I've been having trouble uploading photos. If anyone else is having these issues on Blogger, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!

Forgotten Fame

"Great song. I heard it on the radio this morning, has been stuck in my head ever since."

"It is a great song," the store owner smiled, holding the record album in his hand and then handed it to Edna. "You can certainly find it here along with other great ones as well."

Edna studied the album and frowned. "Well that's nice but do you have the one with the vultures flying over the red mountains on the front cover?"

"Well this is the only album available ma'am."

"Are you sure?" Edna raised her left brow. "Perhaps you can order it for me. I'll be more than happy to pay extra for it."

"You don't understand, ma'am," the store owner explained. "The Wild Wallaroos only produced one album before they broke up in 1983. This is the only album you'll ever find of the band."

"You must be mistaken," Edna protested. "What about the one with the vultures on it? There's even a picture of the singer with one of the vultures standing on top of his head found on the back of the album. What's his name?" Edna looked up, trying to remember the name but then shook her head. "I'm so bad with names."

"Well I don't know about any vultures, but Leonard Festa was the lead singer of the Wild Wallaroos."

"Leonard Festa," Edna pressed an index on her lips and then shook her head again. "No. Maybe it was the other singer in the band."

"There was no other singer."

"No, but there is," Edna insisted. "There's that one singer  with the deep voice and then there's that one you just mentioned, the one that sounds alot like Billy Squire."

To avoid a tantrum, like the many he struggled to maintain constantly as Leonard Festa with former bandmates, the now simple small store owner breathed in deeply, glaring at Edna as he pointed toward the exit door. "Get...OUT!"

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

VisDare #2:Resolute

"The Riding Rebel" is written for Angela Goff's VisDare.  The challenge: Write a 150 word story using the photo promt and word. This weeks word is "Resolute".

Enjoy. =)

The Riding Rebel

"Marla, why don't you just apply for disability benefits?"

Laughter erupted from the crowd, ridiculing Marla's limping walk that stemmed from a recent bike-riding accident.

Marla glared at Leroy. "I'll do that if you admit to everyone that you still wet the bed, fool!"

Leroy looked around, voices oohing and aawing, and then looked back at Marla. "That's bull!"

"Whatever," Marla waved away, riding into her resolute destination.

The bar was now coming into view, her heart carrying an uncontrollable rythm.

When she saw Antwon sitting at a corner booth, motioning her over with a certain gloom in his eyes, she already knew that bad news awaited.

"Hey, Antwon," Marla said, handing him a sealed envelope. "Got a message for you."

Antwon took the envelope and opened it. After studying its contents, Antwon rose his gaze toward Marla. "Marla, tell Leroy he's fired."

Marla smiled. "My pleasure."


Sunday, January 6, 2013

VisDare #1: Between

Some people say that I'm very much like a caveman in the sense that I am unwilling to buy into all the hype that spits out ads from the latest high-tech gadgets toward almost every direction.

I still prefer paperbacks over e-books, do most of my writing on my typewriter or composition notebook, and draw most of my inspiration listening to classic rock songs on the very same am/fm radio that has been fueling me with so many ideas since the late eighties. There are many convenient reasons on why I should start benefiting from these over-hyped creations of the digital age, but I have yet to be convinced that I cannot live without them. Until then, I will remain loyal to my old-fashioned fossil gems from the 20th century and laugh at the face of contemporary conformity.

Small changes, however, can be very welcoming, much like Anonymous Legacy's  newly revamped  VisDare. The New Year is being rolled out with a boost in the usual word count limit from 100 to 150 words. Also, the Twitter hastag has changed from #VisualDare to #VisDare. Today's prompt is "Between" with the corresponding photo prompt below.

This story is a bit different from my usual stories, but again, small changes aren't all that bad.

And now the story begins....

The Love Charade

Somewhere between bored and weary, Bryan slumped back in his seat, yearning for the movie's long-awaited end. He rolled his eyes when the actor, perched on the ledge, begged for forgiveness from a woman he barely knew, using a line he thought was downright sappy.

His girlfriend, Amanda sighed and said, "Isn't that beautiful?"

"Sure,' Bryan replied. "She must really be something for him to go through all that trouble."

Amanda's face soured. "He's romantic!"

"No, he's a moron."

It was one day after the movie when Bryan found himself sitting on a long concrete strip high above the ground.

Dressed in a similar suit as the actor with the top hat and umbrella, Bryan shouted the same line toward Amanda's window. "Your contempt is like this never-ending rain: cold and relentless! I can barely stand without the warmth of your love! Please forgive me!"


Friday, January 4, 2013

Two - Prompt Story

The following story was written for two prompts that got underway this past week so I am a little late again.

The word prompt for Two Shoes Tuesday this week is Discombobulated (Yes, it's a word.) and the word prompt for Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction is Midnight.

Special thanks to Josie, owner of Two Shoes Tuesday for picking up my suggested word for next week on her site: earworm. Click on the link above and check it out sometime.

Again, this story is dark much like my others just to let you know in advance. Have a great weekend. =)

Lights Out

It was just after midnight when the lights went out all across the town below the hilltop, the same spot where they spent many passionate moments, sharing the same spectacular view on many different occasions.

"That's strange," Megan said, discombobulated by the sudden blackout and added, "I wonder what happened."

"Who cares," Adam raised the duffel bag he picked up from the hood of his car and then said, "This whole damn place will be nothing but a memory after we're off relaxing in some tropical paradise with our huge final score!"

The lights came on, but it wasn't the city lights that came alive, and when the sherriff stepped off the vehicle with his gun drawn, Adam dropped the bag, raised his hands and pleaded, "Please, I'm not resisting!"

"Oh're so dramatic," Megan said while picking up the bag, then walked up to the sherriff to plant one kiss on his lips before the sherriff returned his gaze and gun on Adam, shattering his skull into pieces.