Thursday, January 17, 2013

Five Sentence Fiction: Forgotten

This story is written for Lillie Mcferrin's Five Sentence Fiction.

This week's word prompt: Forgotten

The Silent Room

Forgotten memories sprung to life inside her head, reeling memories of spending many summer nights by her side near the open window, where the mild breeze swirled around them, and secrets bounced back and forth between the two links that were once the best of friends.

Natalee turned to the woman who now had posession of the place and asked, "What happened to this room?"

"I guess the loneliness got the best of her," the lady replied and added, "Sometimes loneliness gets the best of us who know it well eventually - making us do all sorts of crazy things."

"Who are you talking about - you mean Lindsay?"

The lady lifted her gaze toward the ceiling, Natalee following along with her own, later discovering the pulsing surface above where a contorted face pressed against it, struggling hard to pass her screams.