Friday, January 4, 2013

Two - Prompt Story

The following story was written for two prompts that got underway this past week so I am a little late again.

The word prompt for Two Shoes Tuesday this week is Discombobulated (Yes, it's a word.) and the word prompt for Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction is Midnight.

Special thanks to Josie, owner of Two Shoes Tuesday for picking up my suggested word for next week on her site: earworm. Click on the link above and check it out sometime.

Again, this story is dark much like my others just to let you know in advance. Have a great weekend. =)

Lights Out

It was just after midnight when the lights went out all across the town below the hilltop, the same spot where they spent many passionate moments, sharing the same spectacular view on many different occasions.

"That's strange," Megan said, discombobulated by the sudden blackout and added, "I wonder what happened."

"Who cares," Adam raised the duffel bag he picked up from the hood of his car and then said, "This whole damn place will be nothing but a memory after we're off relaxing in some tropical paradise with our huge final score!"

The lights came on, but it wasn't the city lights that came alive, and when the sherriff stepped off the vehicle with his gun drawn, Adam dropped the bag, raised his hands and pleaded, "Please, I'm not resisting!"

"Oh're so dramatic," Megan said while picking up the bag, then walked up to the sherriff to plant one kiss on his lips before the sherriff returned his gaze and gun on Adam, shattering his skull into pieces.


  1. Wow! That brings a whole new dimension to the conept of "lights out"!! Something was certainly very discombobulated in this tale, sounds like the little lady had a game of her own in play. Very intriguing story, Alex, thanks for joining Two Shoes Tuesday... see you for "earworm" next week! :-)

    1. Can't wait! Thanks for dropping by! =)

  2. Hmmm, ewwww! The ending made me laugh because it was so matter of fact and very much unexpected. Well done!

    1. If it was unexpected then I did my job. Thanks for the comment and have a great weekend! =-)

  3. That Megan. Just when you think you an trust her . . .


  4. Hmm! that was a shock ending. She's in league with the law. Nice one.

    1. Well she is not exactly in league with the law. What I had in mind was she was just wanting to get rid of Adam and then split the profits with this corrupt sherriff, who in return, takes care of him and fixes up any loose ends.

      Thanks for dropping by. =-)