Wednesday, January 9, 2013

VisDare #2:Resolute

"The Riding Rebel" is written for Angela Goff's VisDare.  The challenge: Write a 150 word story using the photo promt and word. This weeks word is "Resolute".

Enjoy. =)

The Riding Rebel

"Marla, why don't you just apply for disability benefits?"

Laughter erupted from the crowd, ridiculing Marla's limping walk that stemmed from a recent bike-riding accident.

Marla glared at Leroy. "I'll do that if you admit to everyone that you still wet the bed, fool!"

Leroy looked around, voices oohing and aawing, and then looked back at Marla. "That's bull!"

"Whatever," Marla waved away, riding into her resolute destination.

The bar was now coming into view, her heart carrying an uncontrollable rythm.

When she saw Antwon sitting at a corner booth, motioning her over with a certain gloom in his eyes, she already knew that bad news awaited.

"Hey, Antwon," Marla said, handing him a sealed envelope. "Got a message for you."

Antwon took the envelope and opened it. After studying its contents, Antwon rose his gaze toward Marla. "Marla, tell Leroy he's fired."

Marla smiled. "My pleasure."



  1. Hmmm. Lots of intrigue here. Could feel the mounting tension in the opening confrontation. Would like to know what's in the envelope....!

    1. I just realized that the person in the photo might be a man, but looks alot like a female former coworker of mine from a while back. I don't know, hard to tell with the photo.

  2. Cool story! I like the way you wrote it. Very suspenseful, couldn't tell what was going on till the very end. : )