Friday, November 16, 2012

Five Sentence Fiction: Business

It's that time again for Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction. This week's word prompt is "Business", and deals a little with my own personal experiences with customer service, but this story still is a fictional piece nonetheless.

Have a great weekend, everyone. =-)

Photo Credit: Mike Licht

The thick-accented voice that called himself Ajay had John on hold for fifteen minutes before telling him,"Sir, you need to call the new accounts department and they will be happy to set you up with a new phone line."

"I'm not looking to set up a new line," John explained and added, "What I have been trying to tell you is that I'm just trying to pay my cell phone bill, and for some reason, I am not able to do that online."

"I see, sir, well let me transfer you to the billing department  and they will be happy to help you with that right away,  please hold."

John breathed in deeply and let out a burst of tension after hearing the automated voice say, "Thank you for holding, we appreciate your business, and we will have a representative help you momentarily."

Fifteen minutes had passed, John's patience nearly exhausted, then a live voice says, "Hello, my name is Ajay and how can I help you today?"


  1. This is too true to be funny.

    But I think some companies have learned a lesson and brought operations back home.


    1. I hope so as far as the companies being brought back goes.I have not heard of that trend myself but, would help alot of folks out here a great deal.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Hello, my name is Ajay and I would be happy to leave a comment here for you.

    All too real. Good story.

    1. Thanks K.R. I may have left a double comment on your story only bc the first time, I did not see the waiting for approval propmt so re-entered my comment. FYI

      Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend. =-)

  3. Nothing like getting thrown in "Voice-Jail" great use of the prompt. Funny because that is so true and sad because it is so true.... A great read.

  4. So true! I'm getting loads of those automated calls that tell you you've won something and they're desperately trying to get hold of you so please phone this number...
    Grrrr, I want to shout at someone, but there's no one there to shout at, it's no fun just hanging up!

  5. You know, I almost let slip an F-bomb when I read that last line, purely out of frustration for the poor guy. Brilliantly thought through and a subject we've most likely all encountered at one time or another.

    Great stuff :)

  6. The true tragedy of this tale is that it's a very real experience that many of us have encountered in one form or another with outsourced customer service calls. I have been repeatedly disconnected, passed from person to person, and been given information that the next assistant declared to be totally untrue. Your story was well-written and conveyed a clear picture of the furstration such "service" often entails!