Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The following is an entry for Tuesday Tales that comes from the mind of  Stevie McCoy. This weeks prompt called for use of the word "Gynoid", a female android with the picture below to accompy the story, all within 100 words. Are you up for the challenge?. Give it a shot!

Photo Credit: Deviant Art

Keema X5000 stood at the tip of this elusive beast known as the Tyorno Organization where the world's only source for its hi-tech infantry units dwelled. She scanned across the neon-splattered city skyline, spotting the signal  she needed to spring into action.

With a swift stomp on the pedal, Keema sped away into the streaming air artery of vehicles, the orange glow behind her prompted what she understood to be a smile, with the beast now falling into its inferno of doom.

She was now the last of her kind, declaring herself the only liberated gynoid to have ever existed.

100 Words

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