Friday, November 9, 2012

Caleb's Cauldron: Elsa's Guilt

An extension and part three to "Caleb's Cauldron", a short story originally written for
Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction

This is the final part that will use the five-sentence restriction. The next part will be freestyle with no word or sentence limit.

Hope you enjoy and wish you a great weekend!

Photo Credit: dbrekke on Flickr

Caleb's Cauldron #3
Elsa's Guilt 

Elsa Guthrie, after dipping into a warm bubble bath from a hotel three towns away from her own, rolled over on her belly, resting her chin on the rim of the bathtub, and asks herself in a low whisper, "What have I done?"

She loved her husband, much more than the man outside the bathroom door, but the passion had been dormant between her and the man she had chosen in marriage, and it was all about the meetings and political affairs that put a damper on the magic.

From outside the door, she could hear the television airing a news brief, catching those certain words from a female reporter, "..again, Mayor Guthrie, after volunteering to host the grand opening of this event is no where to be found. We will have more on this strange turn of events as we get more updates."

Elsa, feeling a streak of qualm at the pit of her stomache, bolted out of the bathtub, wrapped herself in a robe, and opened the door only to find Ben standing in the doorway.

"Sorry, but it looks like checkout is just not possible right now," he said coldy with the device in his hand that sent a shocking surge into her system, knocking her into faded black.

Coming Soon:  Caleb's Cauldron #4: The Truth about Ben


  1. This is great writing! The intrigue of this segment will be calling me to return for more! It appears Elsa's plans have just gone very, very wrong.

  2. Thanks Josie! Yes,Elsa has involved herself in quite a predicament.

    I will have the new entry by Friday so you can check out what happens then. Also, my entry for Two Shoes' "Hidden" should be posted by then.

    Thanks for stopping by! =-)