Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Caleb's Cauldron: The Ominous Organizer

As requested, here is part two of  "Caleb's Cauldron"  which was initially written for
Lillie McFerrin's Five Sentence Fiction .

These are another five sentences which will all add up into the big story. Feel free to comment at anytime. =-) 

Caleb's Cauldron #2
The Ominous Organizer

It wasn't a burdening task as much as it was a well-known tradition of the town, hosting new grand openings of  its landmarks, where the average town citizen could easily be elected by event members to host such events.

Mayor Gene Guthrie knew almost everyone he came across in this small, laid-back town, and while believing that it was highly important to keep up with all of the town's affairs, he felt hosting this event best suited that purpose.

"You look a little confused there," Mayor Guthrie said to one of the event organizers that he was speaking with and added, "Maybe that flu bug is beginning to creep up on you as well."

The event organizer, wiping sweat off from a face clearly visible with tension did not reply, and unexpectedly moved up behind the mayor.

Mayor Guthrie jumped to something pressing firmly against his lower back and before he could respond, the so-called event organizer said in a low hissing voice, "You make a sudden move, say anything at all and I will blow you away - understand?"

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