Friday, February 15, 2013

My Paragraph Planet Entry: Lost Lilly

I have seen quite a few neat stories coming out of Paragraph Planet and wondered if I could actually pull off writing a 75-word story of my own. It was quite the challenge, and today, I submitted my first entry to the site.  It is a great form of practice for all writers that I highly recommend.

The following is the story I submitted and is exactly in the same manner sent because it called for a full paragraph--no splitting of any kind--so it may appear to look a little weird for some casual readers.


Lost Lilly. She was seen daily pulling a wagon filled with dolls. The kids called her "Lost Lilly" because she always appeared to be lost, wandering aimlessly with no one to claim her. One night, Sue looked out her window. The park was nearly empty when she spotted Lilly arranging her dolls in the wagon. Sue snuck out with nagging curiousity. Next morning, Lilly was seen with thirteen dolls, one more than her previous dozen.

75 Words


  1. I really liked this story, both the title and the unexpected twist at the end. So well done in such a few words!

  2. *Shiver* Chilling and creepy, and she's not lost!