Thursday, February 14, 2013

VisDare #7:Secret

This story is written for Angela Goff's VisDare #7 challenge and is the third installment to my Maddy's Mystic World series. This week's prompt is the photo below with the word "Secret".

I hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine's Day so far and wish you and your loved ones my very best.

Maddy's Mystic World #3
Unlocking Dimensions

"There is a key to every dimension of this sphere."

The reality of being trapped in a snow globe took a backseat in Maddy's mind, now watching in awe as a tree spoke.

"Unfortunately," the tree continued. "The key leading to the outside of this sphere is still a mystery."

Maddy's brows perked. "You mean I'm stuck here?"

"There's always a way out of everything. The answer just isn't always clear."

"What should I do?"

"Take the road that leads to the cave. There you will find Celesta, the keeper of the cave. She will teach you how to navigate through dimensions--even teach you how to choose your destination."

Maddy's face brightened. "I can learn to choose dimensions?"

"Yes, but be careful. Celesta gets hot-tempered very easily. One bad look or word can land you deep into trouble."

Maddy's eyes narrowed. "How do you know?"

"I wasn't always a tree."



  1. Wow. This just gets interesting and interesting. Wonder what next week will bring up.

  2. Even as a stand-alone, this is great.

    Great punch line at the end.


  3. This is great, loved the last line can't wait to see where this goes.

  4. AH. Now I need to know the backstory on the tree....who was he/she? MUST. KNOW.

    Love that you're continuing with the snow-globe idea. One of the more original add-on flash-fic ideas I've seen lately.