Friday, April 26, 2013

VisDare 17: A Cat's World

Hello Everyone!

Sorry that I have been away for awhile, been busy, but finally back!

Anyway, this short fiction piece is written for Angela Goff's VisDare 17: A Cat's World. Click the link and look at the picture prompt given to get the story.

I hope you enjoy and wish you all a great weekend. =D

PS: Sorry if the fonts are too big. Just copied and pasted this time.

The Feline Factor

“Repent your sins and be saved!”

Johnny was rubbed up against by Chloe‘s heavy black fur as she asked, “Doesn’t he look familiar?”

Johnny rose his gaze and sighed. “Yeah, that’s Tony. Poor guy still thinks he‘ll meet Jesus someday.”

Chloe threw him an annoyed look, her tail erect wagging from the comment. “Well at least he’s trying! All you did in your human form was cheat behind my back!”

Oscar, one of three other felines with them said, “Well he’s definitely trying something new. His bike has no handles!”

Johnny turned to him, “Oscar, go tell him to stop making all that racket!”

“No!” Chloe protested and glared at Johnny. “Go tell him yourself! After all, it’s your fault for spooking him the other day with that stunt you pulled!”

Edgar sighed and started strutting toward Tony. “This afterlife thing is soo not working for me. Hey, Tony!”

150 Words

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